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The Root Causes of Mass Shootings: A Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Prohaska

September 7, 2022
April 23, 2024
min read

In the aftermath of the recent mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, the public discourse once again turned to questions of gun control, mental health, and societal violence. However, amidst the familiar debates and finger-pointing, a deeper examination of the underlying issues is often overlooked.

In this episode of "3 Cops Talk," Dr. Jennifer Prohaska delves into the complexities surrounding mass shootings and the responses they elicit from our legal, medical, and political systems.

Bringing a unique perspective to the discussion, Prohaska offers insights based on her years of experience working in the field of mental health. In this episode the hosts attempt to dissect some of the reasons for the perceived repeated failures of the well-intended, yet often counterproductive and outdated responses to these types of threats.

One of the key takeaways from the conversation was the importance of addressing these issues at a line-level, rather than relying solely on broad, sweeping measures. Dr. Prohaska emphasizes the need for a more nuanced approach, one that takes into account the individual circumstances and motivations behind these acts of violence.

As we continue to grapple with the aftermath of yet another tragic event, it is our hope that this episode will serve as a starting point for a more thoughtful and productive dialogue surrounding mass shootings and the best ways to prevent them in the future.

🎧 Listen to the full episode:

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