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Uncover practical techniques, latest news and updates from the Tactical Longevity team.

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How to Improve Relationships and Drive Officer Retention

How to boost officer retention by strengthening supervisor-subordinate relationships.
min read

The Six Skills that Build Anti-Fragile Law Enforcement Officers

Tactical Longevity Founder and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Prohaska, has created an approach that improves morale by these 6 skills.

Navigating Fatherhood: Insights from Dr. Jenny Prohaska

Dr. Jenny Prohaska, a trauma specialist, discusses the unique challenges faced by first responder fathers on Feel Good Fatherhood.

The Root Causes of Mass Shootings: A Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Prohaska

Dr. Jennifer Prohaska discusses the complexities of mass shootings on 3 Cops Talk, emphasizing the need for individual-focused approaches.

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