Nicole Laethem

Executive Director

Nicole is originally from Southern California. She is the daughter of an entrepreneurial family focused on service to others, and her brother is a smoke jumper wild-land firefighter in Northern California. She attended the University of Missouri where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Criminology. Upon completion, she became an officer at a major metropolitan police department. During her tenure as a patrol officer in the urban core, she excelled in managing highly stressful situations and responding to frequent incidences of violent crime within the city, and earned one of the department’s highest acknowledgements as well. Eventually her commitment to service evolved and she became interested in investing back in her fellow law enforcement officers.

During a chance encounter with Dr. Prohaska, she earned herself an interview which led to a challenge project. She held nothing back on her first project, relying on the work ethic her parents instilled in her and the grit she developed on her own along the way. Her excellent performance and drive earned her a permanent position at Tactical Longevity. Nicole’s creativity and never-say-quit attitude has given her the reputation as the “Pusher of Grit.” But in typical Nicole fashion, she nodded and smiled at the nickname and kept going (the lady hates compliments). It is her exceptional motivation, drive, and ingenuity that has led her to now be the Executive Director at Tactical Longevity.

Advocates of Healthy Endurance

Our team

Together, let's transform the landscape of under-motivated, under-valued, and burnt out workforce, into the most antifragile, adaptable, gritty, and attuned cohort of workers possible. 

Dr. Jennifer Prohaska
Founder, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Prohaska, a Clinical Psychologist specializing in neuro-rehabilitation, supports 54 entities across three states.

Nicole Laethem
Executive Director

From a service-oriented family, Laethem earned a degree in Communications, became a decorated police officer, and is now Executive Director.

Phil Dimartino

Sgt. DiMartino, with 15 years in urban policing and as a FTO sergeant, excels in training with a captivating instructional style.

“I look at my resiliency skills like a muscle that gets stronger. The more you use it, the stronger it gets, and I credit Tactical Longevity for that growth.”

Police Officer Jordan Sanders

Overland Park Police Department

This material is all encompassing from executive leadership down to the newest recruit. It doesn't matter whether you're training a recruit or you're breaking in a new commander at any rank, this program can help the supervisor/FTO teach the subordinate how to deal with the stressors of the job.

Major Ryan Miller

Overland Park Police Department

Thank you for coming to teach the topic. I feel I was able to get a lot out of it and hope to implement some of it with my time and in my personal life. I do think the entire department could benefit from the training.

Field Trainer

Midwest Agency

The content was presented in a way that made sure all attendees retained the knowledge. Every person walked out of that training with new tools and ideas that will help support both themselves and the success of incoming officers.


Midwest Agency